Park East and West School Campus

Community Consolidated School District 46

Grayslake, Illinois

The new Park East and West School, completed in July 2007, is a true K-8 school with shared spaces for all grade levels wherever possible. Park School, located in Madrona Village, will also share its 15-acre site with the Grayslake Park District. With an initial classroom capacity for 1,000 students, the core infrastructure is designed for 1,400 students if a future expansion becomes necessary.

The school's arrangement fosters District 46's goal of team teaching in a nurturing "school within a school" environment. Each neighborhood will have its own core support spaces. Shared areas will reduce redundancy of space which includes the multi-purpose room, gymnasium, learning resource center, administration, and student services. Cooperative planning on the part of both the School and Park District has led to parking and play fields to be shared by the community and park district on evenings and weekends.

The building can be secured at several levels to allow access to the public spaces as needed while keeping the educational wing fully secured. The gymnasium has been enlarged to allow use by adults for Park District programs, and the Park District will have its own office and storage within the building.

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