Deublin Corporate Headquarters

Waukegan, Illinois

• Illinois Council, Society of American Registered Architects (SARA)
      Design Award of Honor
• Pre-cast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute Certificate of Special

The design solution for this facility as a whole was a visual impression of the company's corporate image. The owner's intention was to raise the level of mid-size industrial architecture beyond the dreary presence, so prevalent in today's design, to something uniquely symbolic about their firm.

The architects were challenged by the owner's wish to establish a close proximity between the production engineers and the manufacturing process, while providing those engineers with a high-quality office environment.

Columns, which gracefully penetrate the form from the outside of the facade to the inside of the lobby support both the image and function of the rotating union and the company's other major product, the air shaft.

The facade embraces strength and durability of the product, while the smooth glass and round form cast a reflection of the product itself.

Special considerations for fire-rated construction and separations, along with acoustical barriers from the noisy plant operations, were additional design elements successfully incorporated by the architect.

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