Big Hollow Campus Expansion

Big Hollow School District 38

Ingleside, Illinois

Since before passage of its building referendum in November 2004, Big Hollow School District 38 has been working with RuckPate to develop two new schools on the site of its existing Primary (K-2) School, completed in 2000. These projects create a single campus for this growing district with advantages that include more cost efficient operations and maintenance, shared bus drop-off and staff parking, and shared use of facilities and outdoor amenities.

The new, 650-student capacity Intermediate (3-5) School opened to students in August 2006, and is adjacent yet wholly separate from the Primary School. The District's offices are also located within the Intermediate School office, acting as a transition area and sound buffer between the learning spaces and the common gym, stage and multi-purpose cafeteria. These areas will have secured public access after hours.

The new Big Hollow Middle School, which replaces the Taveirne Middle school building, opened on schedule in January 2007 with capacity for 750 students in a two-story configuration that incorporates a middle school curriculum and interdisciplinary team teaching in a dynamic environment. Grades 6-8 will have a three-neighborhood arrangement with appropriate support spaces to foster team identity and cooperative learning.

Highlights include:

• Flexible arrangements of space
• Neighborhoods for each grade level
• Easily supervised large and small group areas
• Centralized Learning Center and Computer Lab
• Integrated technology throughout the building
• Secured public access after hours

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