Barrington Middle School - Prairie Campus

Community Unit School District 220

Barrington, Illinois

• 1992 Illinois Association of School Boards Award of Distinction
      for Excellence in the Design of Educational Environments
• 1993 Society of American Registered Architects
      Certificate of Appreciation

Barrington's Prairie Middle School Campus ws built in response to a growing enrollment and the need to accommodate alternative organizational and teaching strategies. The inherent flexibility of the building was a priority after the difficulties faced by the District in attempting to convert "open-plan" schools to a more traditional classroom environment.

Prairie Campus occupies 14 acres within an 80-acre park, which faces a nature preserve and includes protected wildlife areas. The design and construction of the school included a study of the entire ecosystem and a cooperative planning effort with local conservation groups to restore degraded wetlands areas adjacent to the school.

A three-wing plan creates three small communities or "houses". Each house then becomes a school within a school, containing team and computer space, a group project area, a special education room, staff planning areas, and support space.

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